For over 25 years, CORRO-TECH® has been the nations largest manufacturer of Corrosion Resistant Tanks and as a Linings. The company has continued to maintain an edge in the industry with ultra modern designs, problem solving capabilities, and the latest equipment technology.

CORRO-TECH® utilizes only the leading manufacture of raw materials and for its processes to ensure the highest quality and longest life possible. Exclusive capabilities include 90 degree Butt Weld Technology for their Polypropylene tank fabrications which result in a higher quality finished product for their customers.

Additionally, CORRO-TECH® and their Mechanics are licensed applicators of corrosion resistant materials for new applications and also repairs. The company’s capabilities in corrosion resistant linings are limitless; CORRO-TECH® is also DOT Certified to offer a full range of services to the Chemical Transportation Industry. Plus, everything CORRO-TECH® manufactures in house, they also service in the field. Corro-Tech’s 24- Hour Emergency Repair service is not only accessible and reliable but they also offer cost savings strategies and minimize their customer’s downtime.

CORRO-TECH® maintains a state-of-the-art facility – spanning 40,000 square feet which includes 20-Ton Crane Capacity. If a tank or vessel can be shipped over the road, it can be manufactured or repaired within their complex in Union, Missouri.